I'm a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal. My preferred medium is sculpture, which I mix with digital art. In fact, my experiences in construction and projects with mechanical engineering technicians led me to fall in love with materials, particularly metal and resins.

To enter the art job market, I began studying scenography after a college diploma in plastic arts. In 2017, during an internship in the EasternBloc art center lab, I was introduced to digital arts and maker spaces. 

Since then, I've been working in teaching and facilitating new technologies. In particular, I've been in charge of the continuing education program at the Société des Arts Technologiques, while also occasionally working in scenography.

I'm currently completing my studies in design and computer programming in order to bring my artistic practice closer into line with my professional activities.


Through her sculptural installations, Arielle Bastien stages paradoxes between recognized heritage and popular culture in immersive built environments. To do so, she draws on the digital tools and fabrication techniques she uses in her work. 
Engaged, her works tackle current social issues without taking positions. The aim is to create as much interaction with the viewer as possible. Installations are staged to create playful environments conducive to dialogue.
For Arielle, virtual and physical immersion have the power to take the place of words. Through her work, she opposes a more conceptual and self-referential art form. 
On the plastic level, Arielle mixes common building materials with metals and resins. For the latter two, she explores current manufacturing techniques such as rotomolding, casting and injection molding. At the same time, she tries to push materials to a certain limit using more exploratory methods. For example, her current project uses lead sheet as origami.
As a result, she produces a smaller volume of works, but in large formats and using a wide variety of techniques. By December 2023, she will have completed the physical production of her large-scale project Inter.Sections.
In 2024, Arielle will tackle a new theme, the male nude, with her playful and sensual work Bietà - À la verge du sensible.

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