Crossroads of history on Jeanne Mance and Sherbrooke

Inter.Sections is a 5 years independant sculptural installation project that started in 2019.
This artwork explores the hidden histories of the Jeanne-Mance Sherbrooke street corner in downtown Montreal. It contains a semi-abstract high relief that speaks to the history of the site, transforming it into a semi-public space.
It explores the grounds of the old gas station on the corner of Jeanne-Mance and Sherbrooke streets in downtown Montreal. The work stages the history of the place and its underlying social issues through a large format model displaying an abstract high relief.
Dimensions: 8 feet  ( depth) x 10 feet (lenght) x 10 feet (hight)
Model: mixed media, wood, mortar, epoxy, acrylic, vinyl tar, aluminum...
High relief: Lead sheets, zamak, steel rod

In the form of an interactive investigation, go in search of clues to explain how the site at 265 Sherbrooke St. W. came to be.
What heritage treasures are hidden there, and what people and folk art specific to the site are we perhaps forgetting?
Take two tours of the site and surrounding streets. As you discover the traces of the past, you'll come across sculptor Arielle Bastien's proposal to transform this wasteland into a public park.

Keep an eye out a second phase using virtual reality will be announce in spring 2024.
Notify me when the VR experience is announced!

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